Military Simulation Event


Blackwater Marsh MilSim:

Operation Redemption


Alpha: Tan                                        bravo: Green


Alpha and Bravo

  • To obtain Intel of opposing forces and relay to main force.

  • Capture and hold key points to assist in combat efforts i.e. Mortar Attacks, Surveillance, Supplies, etc.

  • Capture, interrogate, or eliminate (SNIPER ONLY) commanding personnel from opposing force.

  • Secure, hold, and obtain Intel at strategic villages.

  • Secure and hold building and or villiages.

  • Eliminate opposing forces.


  • Points will be allotted and counted for each objective taken.

  1. Obtaining valuable Intel (5 Pts.)

  2. Successful capture of assets for combat efforts (5pts.) for every 15min held.

  3. Capture and Interrogation of Commanding personnel with Intel (15pts.)

  4. Eliminate Commanding Personnel (30pts.)

  5. Secure and Hold strategic villages at allotted time (20pts.)

  6. Obtain Intel at strategic villages (50pts.)

  7. Buildings held will account for allotted points when tallied every 3-5 hours.

  8. Successful OPFOR Missions will account for (200pts.)


The winning force will be determined at the end of the MilSim by total points obtained and tallied by referees on the field.



A general will be assigned to both Alpha and Bravo Forces by request and is first come first serve basis if you are interested in acting as a General contact Josh Thompson via. Facebook or @ (901)389-7493. It is the Generals responsibility to assign task to his/her force accordingly and remain in contact with Blackwater Marsh Admin for changing conditions and Intel. Sub channels are allowed for the General to stay in contact with their forward operating units to keep chatter down so that they may communicate with BWM Admin.

Generals also assigns Squad leaders to the best of his/her ability with taking in consideration of experience and maturity level, in the absence of the General Squad leaders should be able to conduct themselves efficiently until the General is back in play.

Generals and Squad Leaders are subject to being captured, interrogated, or eliminated. If captured and interrogated, Intel will be of paper format on said person and subject to confiscation and opposing team will be awarded points. If eliminated (SNIPER ONLY) opposing team will receive points. I.e. General is shot by sniper, General is out of commission for 20 minutes.

Key Positions can only be captured, detained, and interrogated for a period of 20 minutes. Then they may return to their AO and will be out of play for an additional 10 minutes for a total of 30 minutes.

 Sniper Team

One Sniper team consisting of a Sniper/Spotter will be allowed for both Alpha and Bravo. First come first serve basis, MUST ALREADY HAVE GEAR AND RIFLE WITH EXPERIENCE RUNNING IN SNIPER SQUAD. Contact Josh Thompson via. Facebook or (901)389-7493.


Squads will consist of a six member team. From Squad Leader to Rifelmen you are only allowed midcap magazines and can only fire on Semi. Players without mid-caps may only carry 1 hi-cap on their person at any given time. Support gunners are allowed highcap or drum magazines and may be the only ones to fire full auto.

  • Squad Leader

  • x4 Riflemen                                    = 6 member Squad

  • Support Gunner (LMGs)


If you are a team and you have a larger number than six arrangements will be made to accommodate the whole to team to operate as one squad. The limit on a large squad is thirteen.

Squad Leaders:

Squad leaders will be assigned the day of by the General, if you are a team attending you will be assigned with your team accordingly to a force and the team leader of your team will act as your Squad Leader and should follow orders issued down from the General.


The day of attendance will be accounted for and the commanding personnel will assign squads for their individual purpose, each squad will have a Medic assigned by their Squad Leader. Medic’s will have 8 bandages according to the size of the squad, Bandages will be available and when used the operator is immediately back in play. After bandages are consumed additional can be found at objective points or may be obtained from other medics from opposing force. If no bandages are available, operator has used their personal bandage, and medic is out return to AO as a squad, resupply, and remain there for 5 min.


Quick Reaction Force, each force will have a QRF. QRF is the Elite for each team and at the disposal of each general. It is the Generals responsibility to use the QRF accordingly. QRF will be assigned by request on a first come first serve basis. If you are a team and interested in being a QRF contact Josh Thompson via. Facebook or (901)389-7493.


Is an opposition force to add to the flow of the game, OPFOR will be used periodically for side missions given by BWM Admin. Once an OPFOR Member is hit that have a 2 minute bleed out, once hit again the OPFOR Member is out of lives. OPFOR is chosen by BWM Admin and will be announced within the coming weeks.

Respawn/or Death

If shot you will set in place, pull red dead rag and or designated chem light (Night use) and use your personal bandage. If Medic is in play and in the area bandage may be used for your immediate respawn. Each member of the force including Medics are allowed unlimited lives as long as bandages are still available by means of the medic. With the exception of the General (SNIPER ONLY) and must be notified on the members arms by white bands supplied to the players and medics by BWM Admin. After bandages supplied to medics are out and all members of the squad are out of commission return to your AO/Base resupply and spawn after 5 min.

Blue Chem Light/V Light for Alpha

Yellow Chem Light/V Light for Bravo

Green Chem Light for BWM Admin and OPFOR

Key points

Key points consist of Mortar attacks, Quad copter Surveillance, and supply drops or confiscation.

Mortar attacks are positions throughout the field of play and once found and captured the force may choose a grid or building to attack with the map provided by BWM Admin if opposing forces are within the grid or building announced they are instantly dead and must return to AO and respawn for 10min.

When and Where

April 25th, 2015

370 Russel Road

Drummonds, Tennessee 38023

Cost: $35.00 Late Registration (04/20-25/2015)

$25.00 Early Registration( Now-04/19/2015)

To register early simply click that you are going on the Blackwater Marsh Airsoft Facebook page, BWM will monitor the ones going and have a list on hand the day of Operation Redemption and credit you an early registration fee. This allows us to get a strong count for attendance and plan the event accordingly. If you fail to do so by April 19th, 2015 you will be subject to the late registration.

Included in your registration fee:

  • Blackwater Marsh Patch

  • Operation Redemption Tab

  • Chemlight for the company of your chosen to fight with.

  • Raffle ticket for giveaways.

Field opens/Registration @ 08:00am

Chrono: 8:30am

Field and Safety Debrief: 11:00am

Operation Redemption @ 12:00pm

Operation Redemption ENDs @ 0700am the following day, and points tallied to determine the winning force.

Camping the night before is allowed free of charge.

Contact Josh Thompson via Facebook or Telephone to make arrangements.


This operation will be set to start at Noon the day of with a safety briefing before, the op will run into the night and into the early morning. Pack heavy as once the Op begins no one will be allowed back to the parking area. Carry plenty of Ammo, Batteries, snacks, water, and whatever else you may feel you need. Due to longevity of the operation we realize that players will experience fatigue, you may bring tents/sleeping bags to rest during the operation in your AO or in field, realize you fight as a unit so you must stay together as a unit and a perimeter should be setup and watch shifts scheduled by Squad leaders, you are still susceptible to the opposing force. Camp fires will be permitted ONLY in the AO’s with all vegetation cleared away from the area. Players are encouraged to bring food to cook between each other in their AO’s over the camp fire. A Command Post will be set up for the Generals to coordinate their missions from. No one other than SLs are permitted in the CP when giving the General a briefing. Early morning everyone will be permitted to walk the field and get their bearings of the area and take their extra belongings to their established Base set forth by BWM Admin.

As this is a MilSim are main goal is present everyone with the best possible outcome with objective gameplay and realism. Safety is the first priority, use common sense and adhere to BWM Field Rules.



 Age limit for this Operation is 14 years old.

Barrel Covers are a must as well, as mags out when the area of the CP.

You must always wear proper eye protection while on an

active field. Face and neck protection are highly


Watch your footing for sink holes and sudden drops.

Control any profane language, especially around kids.

No drugs or alcohol can be present at the field. Nor can

anyone be under the influence of either.

Smoking is allowed as long as it is away from anyone who

doesn’t want to be around it.


BWM Admin word is final, DO NOT argue with him/her, arguing or deliberate disobeying of Admin staff will get you removed from the field.

Call your hits, one hit on any part of your body automatically renders you dead. If you are KIA call out your hit and either pull out your dead rag, designated chem light, or put your arms and weapon in the air.  If you are dead you are only allowed to call out your hit, nothing else, you cannot discuss tactics or enemy locations until you are revived again.

You cannot use any metallic or metallic coated BB of any weight.
8mm BBs are not allowed
0-400 FPS          Rifleman
400-450 FPS     Support Gunner ( LMGs ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FIRE WITHIN A BUILDING/CAN                                                                         FIRE FROM INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE)
500-600 FPS Minimum of 100 feet

Melee Rules:

o Rubber knives are allowed and count as a instant kill

when any part of the body is touched with the knife.

By bringing a high FPS gun onto this field you also are

taking on the responsibility to keep within the guidelines of

these rules. If you are found violating those rules you will be

banned from using that weapon.

Any sound grenade is nothing more than a distraction device. Smoke is allowed but must be cold burning.

Any grenade that expels BBs or Powder to mark or otherwise hit an opponet is considered a kill.

Team firing count as a kill.

Finally and most importantly HAVE FUN! Remember we are

all out here to have a good time, not just to win.

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